Real estate

The second foundation of our business is real estate. We specialize in building apartments and recreational houses estates in the form of aparthotels. The purchase of plots of land on our own account, on which we build real estate, provides us with the security of regular increase in fixed assets, which is important for us in maintaining the balance between intellectual property and virtual assets such as websites and applications, and fixed assets such as real estate. 

Development projects

We have now purchased two plots of land in Klony, in the Warmia region. The properties have a total area of 5,800 m2, which gives us the freedom to implement the project of building a park of recreational houses for demanding customers, who are looking for peace and quiet and an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Klony is an exceptionally charming village situated 35 km north of Olsztyn. Our plot provides an unforgettable viewing experience with a beautiful horizontal view of the wild Warmian countryside. The project is addressed to a demanding client who expects enjoyment, peace and quiet and at the same time wants to commune with nature and enjoy the fresh air and the surrounding area.