Internet services and applications

The backbone of our business are our own websites, and applications that we create based on current trends using highly advanced technologies available on the market. We focus our attention on activities that bring us steady revenue growth and geometrically build community around our websites and applications. Therefore, the main source of revenue for us are constant monthly subscriptions and micropayments included in the programs. The use of such techniques provides us with the security of maintaining constant high financial liquidity and systematic growth of sales by acquiring new subscribers. Thanks to such a structure we can forecast growth exceeding several dozen percent annually.




This is a subscription service which provides access to content within the framework of constant automatic payments. The service offers access to dozens of personal development trainings in the form of e-books and Audiobooks. The available materials are divided into 3 basic segments: 

  • The Emotion Game 
  • The game of relationships 
  • The game of money 

In addition, the site offers a modern fully automated affiliate program, based on a highly developed digital platform and an intelligent management system. The affiliate program is available at the link:

Zostań partnerem | Trainingstel

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Moje Fobie

Moje Fobie

This is our frugal service using recurring payments in the form of subscriptions. The website was created in response to the needs of all people who have a fear of one of the following phobias:

  1. Fear of blood
  2. Fear of spiders and snakes
  3. Fear of death
  4. Fear of heights
  5. Claustrophobia
  6. Fear of darkness 
  7. Fear of violent storms
  8. Social phobia
  9. Fear of disease 
  10. Fear of flying

On this site we present guides that provide answers to the most common questions about drugs, fears and phobias. 

All of the available guides are based on the best expert knowledge, and supported by a wealth of available research and experience. As a result, we are confident that we are presenting useful knowledge that will help you improve your quality of life in many areas.

The service is based on fixed minimum payments. We work in this way to provide the highest level of reliable and proven information.

Each guide contains a set of helpful exercises and practices that will help you to understand the source of your anxiety and, most importantly, to learn how to prevent it. is also a constantly expanding knowledge base and systematically added new materials.

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It is a modern store with dietary supplements and vitamins. Health supplements are divided into many types of dietary supplements. Making a uniform division is also not made easier by different ways of division. On the one hand, we can divide them according to the target customer group, e.g. for athletes, vegetarians, children. It should be noted, however, that most supplements can be taken by anyone. 

The supplements available in our MIBIO store can also be divided according to their application: 

  • weight loss, 
  • sugar control, 
  • cleansing

and according to their application in relation to health: 

  • eyes, 
  • eyesight, 
  • liver, 
  • heart, 
  • hair, 
  • skin,
  • thyroid, 
  • joints and muscles

Our wide selection of different types of dietary supplements ensures that each person wishing to supplement certain deficiencies in their diet will find the preparation they need.

When selecting supplements for our offer we take care of people who read their composition. For our store we have chosen only such preparations which do not contain preservatives, artificial sweeteners and dyes, phosphates, titanium dioxide or additional sugar in the form of sucrose, fructose or maltodextrin.

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MIBIO for men

Maintaining a diet that provides all the essential nutrients is very demanding and time-consuming. For many men, this is unfortunately not possible due to limited time and a large number of responsibilities. A way to cope with some dietary deficiencies is through supplements for men. Vitamin and mineral preparations, supplements for athletes, and for people who spend a lot of time at work or outdoors, also immunity-boosting supplements will work best for this. Most of the preparations are available in capsule and tablet form. Proper selection of supplements helps in reducing weight, feeling better focus, improving the condition of hair and nails. People who have stressful jobs are prone to oxidative stress, which can have a very negative effect on the human body. The process can be stopped by vitamin E and selenium. Another supplement that has a very positive effect on the male body is ginseng, which, combined with a vitamin complex, can significantly improve concentration and physical performance.

MIBIO for women

Dietary supplements for women are no less popular than those for men. There are many products which can improve the condition of your skin, nails, hair and burn fat tissue. When choosing supplements for women, you should first look for supplements that contain ingredients such as iron, calcium, biotin, folic acid, coenzyme Q10, EGCG and healthy fatty acids. This mix of vitamins and healthy nutrients will make any woman start feeling better and improve her health. Iron helps get rid of feelings of weakness and chronic fatigue. Calcium supplementation can also be very important in older age. For pregnant women, on the other hand, vitamin B9 is very important. Constant supplementation significantly reduces the risk of fetal malformations. The most popular supplement is biotin because it is supposed to have a positive effect on hair and nails.

MIBIO for children

Dietary supplements for children are sometimes the only possible way to provide all the most important macro and micronutrients to your child. Many children do not like to eat a certain group of products or do not show much appetite at all. The most popular supplements for children are multivitamin preparations, because children often need more vitamins in their diet than adults. Vegetables and fruits are not usually among children's favorite foods, so sometimes supplementation with vitamins C, B and D and zinc may be unavoidable. Dietary supplements for children can improve the immune system and improve concentration. Of course, diet is the most important thing for children, and not taking care of proper nutrition can have very bad effects. On the other hand, it is hard to expect a child to always make the right food choices. For this reason, it is worth taking an interest in dietary supplements, as they are the fastest and easiest way to provide comprehensive vitamin sets.

MIBIO for seniors

Dietary supplements for seniors play a very important role in maintaining good health by elderly people. In our store, they can be purchased without a prescription. Most of the dietary supplements we offer for seniors contain natural ingredients such as ginseng and ginko biloba. The main purpose of supplying more vitamins and minerals to a senior's diet is to improve memory and keep cognitive function at a maximum level. Supplements also have a positive effect on circulation and vision. Supplements for seniors are available in many different forms. We offer supplements in capsules, liquid, and tablets, so everyone can find the right option for themselves. For seniors, fish oil and various sources of omega acids (3-6-9) are also very good choices. Supplements allow you to slow down the aging process and keep your physical and mental performance at a high level for longer. With constantly improving specifics, you can feel great no matter what your age.

Natural dietary supplement

Most of the supplements offered by our store are natural dietary supplements. First of all, these are many vitamins and minerals that naturally occur in food and our bodies. This group includes, among others, zinc, magnesium and iron. Supplements also provide natural vitamins like vitamins A, B, C, D, and E and F. Natural supplements may also contain other bioactive compounds. These include L-carnitine, bioflavonoids, lipoic acid and coenzyme Q. L-carnitine is very popular for its weight loss benefits. It helps transport fatty acids to the mitochondria where they break down and provide energy to the body. On the one hand, this increases the number of calories burned, while on the other it gives us energy and improves focus. L-carnitine is very hard to deliver to the body in adequate amounts without supplements, especially for people on a vegetarian diet, because it is only found in animal products. Natural dietary supplements also include ginseng, Omega-3 and ashwagandha. The right combination of natural dietary supplements will help improve your health and well-being. However, never forget the need for a varied, healthy diet and regular physical activity, because without these, supplementation alone will not help us.

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